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Fall means nice weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and unfortunately, pest infestations. As the weather gets colder, termites and other pests begin to look for a safe, warm place to call home. The good news is that there are some easy ways to keep unwanted visitors away from your home. Anytime Pest Elimination is happy to offer a few simple tips to ward off termites. 

How To Prevent Termites

With every new swarm, termites form new colonies and that require food and a new home. And your warm, cozy house can provide both of those things. If you want to keep your house from being the next target of termites, there are a few measures that you should keep in mind:

– There should be no wood piles, wood scraps, or lumber around or near your house.
– Keep plants, including gardens, at least 6 inches away from your home’s foundation and walls.
– Turn off outdoor lights during swarming season, especially those close to your home. 

If you want to get rid of termites and save your house from infestations then you should reach out to a professional pest control company in Houston TX.

Anytime Pest Control is the best company in the area to get rid of pests and termites. We believe in providing quality service and offering long-lasting termite treatments for your property. Our company has experienced termite inspectors that thoroughly examine the area infested by termites, locate the source of that infestation, and discuss treatment options.

Anytime offers the best termite treatment available in the Houston area and has options to relieve you of all your worries. Some of our termite treatment options include:


Treating your home will involve rodding or trenching around the complete perimeter of the home. This can involve some drilling through the concrete pads around the foundation every foot around your home or commercial building to ensure the complete perimeter of your home or business has been treated. We also treat sub-areas or crawlspaces beneath your home. This requires rodding or trenching around each pier and any foundations or concrete pads. 


The Formosan termite differs in shape from the Subterranean termite.  They have a more oblong head shape than other Subterranean termite varieties.  They have larger colonies and can cause destruction much more quickly than other termite breeds.  It is vitally important to treat your home as soon as you see any signs of termite infestation.  

10 Year Termite Guarantee

When we treat your home for termites, we promise it to be termite-free for 10 years!  If you find evidence of new infestation in that time, we’ll be sure to come back to re-treat! Our termite control specialists are the best in Houston and the Greater Houston area, so call us today and receive your free inspection!

Anytime Pest Elimination is here to keep your property safe from unwanted and uninvited guests with top-notch quality and professional and experienced staff. Call us today if you are experiencing pest or termite problems. 

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