Ultrasonic Pest Control: Worth It or Waste of Money?


Ultrasonic pest control devices are marketed as a revolutionary way to get rid of pesky pests. However, they’ve been around for many years and the results are often mixed. To help you determine whether or not ultrasonic pest control devices are worth your money, Texas’ leading pest control services provider, Anytime Pest Elimination, is pleased to share the science behind these devices, their effects, and how they may or may not make a difference in your pest control efforts.

What are ultrasonic pest control devices?

Ultrasonic pest control devices work by emitting high-pitched sounds that can only be heard by pests. The theory behind this is that most people cannot hear these high-pitched sounds, so in most cases, you won’t even realize that the device is active or working properly. These devices are supposed to create an uncomfortable environment for pests, driving them away from your home or business.

What are the effects of ultrasonic waves on pests?

Pests are generally more sensitive to sound than humans. Pests’ auditory organs are more advanced and have been developed through evolution. Their hearing ability is one of the reasons why pests have the upper hand against humans in nature. Ultrasonic pest control devices take advantage of this fact. The sounds that these devices emit are supposed to cause stress for pests because they will have a difficult time with the frequency and pitch of the sound. It leads to irritation, which in turn causes them to look for somewhere else to live.

Do ultrasonic pest control devices really work?

There haven’t been any known scientific studies done to prove that these devices are effective against pests. However, some manufacturers claim to have conducted their research to back up the effectiveness of their products. The consensus is that there is not enough evidence for scientists or researchers to deem them as effective.

In fact, smaller pests, such as bed bugs and ants, are generally more immune to the frequency of sound that is emitted by ultrasonic pest control devices. The pitch and frequency of the sounds don’t match up with their auditory organs, so they are not as likely to be affected and bothered by these sounds. In general, ultrasonic pest control devices are not known for being 100 percent effective against pests. Even if they do work temporarily, it is unlikely that you will see a long-term benefit from them because pests can adapt and adjust rather quickly. 

While device manufacturers claim that pests are driven away immediately and stay gone for a certain amount of time, this is not the case for everyone. The effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control devices may vary depending on factors such as how large your infestation is, the severity of the infestation, and if you have pets or small children that can be affected by the sounds.

Furthermore, EPA does not require any registration for pesticide devices like ultrasonic pest repellers for as long as they do not contain or produce any pesticide products. This means that these devices can be manufactured and sold without thorough testing and evaluation. 

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