How to Tell if You Have Fleas in Your House

Dog Itching

Fleas are tiny, fast-moving parasites that can quickly spread if left untreated. Not only can fleas leave behind itchy, red bites on your skin, but they are notorious for spreading disease and causing allergic reactions.

While many people think that pets are the only way for fleas to infiltrate your home, that is unfortunately not the case. Just like other pests, such as bed bugs, fleas can hitch a ride on clothing, luggage, old furniture, or infected guests. If you are concerned about a flea infestation, here are four signs to look out for.

  1. Scratching: If you, a loved one, or a pet, are scratching more frequently than usual, it could indicate parasitic activity. While this isn’t specific to fleas, taking a closer look at these itchy areas can save you from a major infestation.
  2. Small bites and red skin: Fleas will puncture the skin to feast on blood, leaving behind small red bumps. These bites are typically found on ankles, knees, the pit of your elbow, or armpits.
  3. Flea dirt: Flea droppings—also known as flea dirt—are small, dark brown or black specks that are usually round in shape. Because this resembles dust or dirt, a good way to test is by placing some on a paper towel and spraying lightly with water. If the dirt gives off a reddish hue, it is most likely flea feces.
  4. Eggs: Fleas typically lay their eggs in thick carpets or rugs, making them challenging to spot. These small egg casings are typically light brown to white, and sometimes nearly translucent, so using a magnifying glass can be helpful. Finding multiple eggs in your carpet is a sign of a serious infestation.

Who to Call for a Flea-Free Home?

If you notice one or more of the above signs, it is time to call a local, trusted exterminator. A professional will perform a detailed inspection of your property, walk you through your options, get to work treating your home, and share tips and tricks for avoiding a flea infestation in the future, so you can get back to a pest-free space in no time. Another aspect of irradicating a flea infestation is ensuring that your pets are treated for fleas, either through oral or topical medication. Your veterinarian can prescribe the right treatment for your dog or cat based on their size, age, and medical history. Anytime Pest Elimination is a trusted name in quality, affordable pest control throughout Houston, and we offer a full suite of flea solutions to help rid your space of these pesky invaders. 

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