What Can You Do to Your Home to Make It a Fortress Against Pests?


Just like humans, pests need food and shelter to survive. That is why when they find homes that are warm, dry, and cozy, they will surely stick around. Pests can also be very persistent when it comes to finding a perfect place to breed. They will go through every nook and cranny, causing a great deal of damage to your property in the process.

While there are no quick fixes when it comes to keeping your home free from pests, there are things you can do to make your home less inviting for these unwanted guests. Texas’ leading pest control expert, Anytime Pest Elimination, is pleased to share some tips on how you can make your home a fortress against pests.

Tip #1: Seal Up Cracks and Openings

Pests can find their way into your home through the tiniest of cracks and openings. They include cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as spaces between window and door frames. To make your home less desirable for pests, you will have to seal off every single opening where they can squeeze in. You can use caulk for smaller cracks while expanding foam is good for larger holes. Be sure to inspect your home regularly so you can plug up any gaps as soon as possible. 

Tip #2: Clean Your House Regularly

You will have to clean your house thoroughly and regularly if you want it to be a fortress against pests. More often than not, pests like rats, termites, and cockroaches are drawn to homes that are cluttered and dirty. Clean your kitchen cabinets, pantry, and countertops on a daily basis to get rid of dirt and grease. You must also pay attention to hard-to-reach areas behind and under appliances where food particles and dust usually pile up. Take a moment to check your indoor and outdoor trash cans. Are they sticky or covered in crumbs? You could be unknowingly leaving a smorgasbord for pests seeking a meal. Create a cleaning schedule for your trash cans for the coming year, and if you haven’t already, consider switching to an airtight receptacle.

Tip #3: Trim Bushes and Trees

Overgrown bushes and trees provide a lot of hiding places for pests. That is why you should keep your lawn and backyard free from overgrown plants and unwanted vegetation. Insects like termites and carpenter ants will be less likely to find their way into your home if you keep its surrounding areas from looking like a jungle. If you want a clean and pest-free home, you have to maintain the outside of your house as well.

Tip #4: Don’t Let Water Sit Around

You need to be mindful of how you are storing water if you want your home to be pest-free. Pests need a lot of water to survive and they will do anything to get access to it. For this reason, you should avoid leaving standing water in your home at all costs. Make sure that all of your buckets are dry before storing them and try to fix any leaky faucets immediately. Leaving water sitting around in unattended containers is also a bad idea. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so you have to get rid of unused flower vases, buckets, and trash cans. Keep your home clean and dry at all times if you want to keep pests from taking over.

Tip #5: Cut-off Pests’ Food Supply

If pests are already infesting your home, they may be getting their food from somewhere nearby. Pests generally get their food from garbage cans, leftovers, and other food items that are just sitting around. You need to make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to store food items properly. You also need to be mindful of how you are disposing of your trash. Never leave a bag of garbage just sitting next to your home or on the pavement outside.

Tip #6: Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

Pests are not easy to exterminate. They know how to hide and they will do anything to avoid getting caught in the open. For this reason, you should hire a top-rated pest control company like Anytime Pest Elimination to help you get rid of existing pest infestations and implement preventative measures to keep them from coming back. Pest control is not a DIY project as it requires a high level of expertise to permanently deal with pests and their nesting sites.

Contact Anytime Pest Elimination to Pest-Proof Your Home in Houston, TX

Even if you are very vigilant about maintaining a clean and well-kept property, there will come a time when pests will find their way into your home. For this reason, you need a reliable and professional pest control company like Anytime Pest Elimination. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Anytime Pest Elimination has become one of the most trusted pest control companies in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of quality and affordable pest control services including bed bug treatment, rodent removal, termite inspection, cockroach extermination, and so much more.

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