How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Mosquitoes

Summer is on its way, and with the summer heat comes pesky mosquitoes. If you want to take proactive measures in making sure mosquitoes steer clear of your home and family, we’re here to provide tips to help you make the most of summer without those uninvited guests!

Clear Any Standing Water on Your Property

Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in standing water. Therefore, it is imperative to rid your property of anything that may contain standing water, such as old flowerpots, pet dishes, and birdbaths. You should also keep an eye out for any new containers or toys that have collected water and empty them frequently. Monitor these places regularly and remove any standing water if discovered.

Reduce Areas of Shade Around Your Home

Mosquitoes love warm weather, but they particularly thrive in shaded areas with cooler temperatures. To help protect your family, you should reduce the amount of shade around your home. This can be done by trimming overhanging tree branches and ensuring that tall shrubbery is not blocking sunlight. Additionally, you can install mosquito netting, screens, or curtains, to restrict access to shaded spots. Although this will take some effort on your part, it is a worthwhile task that can help protect your family during mosquito season.

Plant Aromatic Plants that Mosquitoes Don’t Like

Planting aromatic herbs such as lavender, lemon balm and mint around the perimeter of your home or patio is an effective way to naturally repel these pests. Not only will this provide beautiful fragrances and attractive plants for your garden or outdoor space, but it will also keep mosquitoes and other irritating insects away from you and your family!

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