Winter is the Perfect Time to Treat Your Property for Termites

Winter is a Good Time to Look for Termites

Winter is a critical time for termite control. An existing infestation needs to be exterminated as soon as possible – especially while it’s cooler outdoors. The colder weather provides an excellent opportunity to fortify your home and prevent potential future invasions. In this blog, we’ll provide information to help you understand the heightened risk of termites during winter and what you can do to protect your property. Termite infestations can be catastrophic for homeowners, costing U.S. home and business owners an estimated $5 billion in property damage annually.

Winter is the Perfect Time for Termite Treatment

Fall and winter bring more predictable termite activity than during warmer months. Termites are far less likely to venture away from their nests for food during cold spells, which makes bait stations even more effective. The cooler weather also increases the chance that termites will take the bait instead of searching further away for sustenance.

Early Warning Signs of Termites

Unlike other pests, termites don't take a break when the temperature drops, so unfortunately, termites pose a danger to your home year-round, even in the peak of winter. To ensure your home is safe from them, it's important to be aware of their presence all year round. Keep watch around your home for signs of infestation. When termites are on your property, you will find mud tubes and other warning signs like small holes or discarded wings from flying termites looking to start a new colony. Subterranean termites are especially dangerous as they eat non-stop and tunnel underground toward your home's foundation. The cold weather doesn't stop them since they prefer warmth, so they cause greater damage during winter. It's important to be aware of this fact when monitoring termite activity.

Contact Anytime Pest Elimination

Don't let termites take advantage of the cold winter months! Make sure you stay vigilant when monitoring for signs of infestation year-round. Waiting to treat these notorious pests gives them the advantage. They are 24/7 snackers and feed relentlessly. Contact Anytime Pest Elimination at (832) 662-2411 to schedule an inspection of your property if you think termites have invaded your home.