How to Keep Cockroaches Away from Your Home

As the temperature starts to rise with the onset of summer, it is not surprising to see more cockroaches lurking around. These stubborn insects can enter your house through various means and cause a nuisance in your daily life. However, you can take some measures to keep them away from your home.

4 Tips to Keep Roaches Out of Your Home

  • Seal hiding spots: Roaches can hide in cracks, holes, and crevices. Be sure to seal off any of these areas near your windows, doors, light fixtures, and cord holes.
  • Keep your home clean: Be sure to wipe down your counters, seal your garbage cans with lids, and clean up after meals. By doing so, you eliminate their food and water sources.
  • Check your water sources: In addition to food, roaches also need water. Make sure your sinks are not leaking, as this can become a water source for cockroaches. Be sure to also keep pet water dishes empty at night.
  • Use traps: By using cockroach traps, you can reduce the number of roaches in your home and potentially pinpoint where they are entering your space. Store-bought traps can include baits, sticky substances, and more.

By following these tips, you can significantly reduce the number of roaches in your home. However, if you've tried everything and still find roaches crawling around, it's best to call in the professionals.

Our cockroach control team at Anytime Pest Elimination has the skills and expertise to eradicate these pesky pests from your home. Don't let roaches take over, let us help you keep your home clear of these unwanted guests.

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